Globe Rope was established in 2013 as a subsidiary of Bilcanlı and Eğinlioğlu Groups -both of which are leading industrial and trading enterprises in Balikesir region, operating since 1940’s, respectively.

We produce lines, ropes, cords, twines and webbing straps for a vast array of diverse platforms such as

▪ Yachting
▪ Automotive
▪ Fishery
▪ Construction
▪ Forestry

▪ Agriculture
▪ Animal husbandry
▪ Outdoor sports
▪ DIY projects

We aspire to be a truly global company, welcoming all business across the world. Currently, our business partners are primarily from Central and Northern European countries -and constantly expanding!

We follow Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) as a minimum standard for our manufacturing and quality processes.
We provide solutions tailored to our customers’ needs without compromising quality: Whether it’s a custom design, production, or packaging -we strive to address your requirements!
We promise to respond to all business inquiries within 48 hours!

Depending on your order, we provide flexible production timelines and pricing.
We are committed to inclusion of women in the work force. As of January 2021, women consist 85% of all employees and 60% of managerial positions in Globe Rope.